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Advanced Chimney Repairs Galway, Ireland specialize in professional chimney repairs, chimney rebuild, chimney relining, chimney cleaning and new solid fuel stove installation.

Galway City surburbs within 3 miles are more than 60 years old. That's 60 years of abuse on your internal chimney. CCTV camera inspection for your chimney has only been around for a few years but it tells a true story about the state of your chimney lining.

Cleaning your chimney is great and highly recommended but what if there are cracks in the chimney walls? What about broken flue liners? If there is a breach in your chimney liner caused by fire or other damage, carbon monoxide gases may be slowly seeping into your rooms unknown to you.

Advanced Chimney Repairs Galway are only a phone call away. Early detection is priceless


Using the latest chimey inspection technology we can inspect your chimney to find any blockages that can cause dangerous gases to seep into your home instead of being expelled or chimney fires. A camera is pushed up the chimney to give an upward view or turned round to provide a side view in cases of extreme soot and other debris in the chimney.

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Chimneys can be relined in one day with no mess or demolition. Chimneys flues must be clean and sound to carry heat and gases safely up and away from the chimney top, but these combustion byproducts can also deteriorate a flue's inner surface over time. We re-line chimneys with sheidel liners which is suitable for open fires, stoves and ranges.

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We can knock and rebuild old or damaged chimney stacks or simply repair a chimney that is damaged due to storm, flood, chimney fire, smoke or water. Full quote given before work commences so you know exactly what is involved. Work is carried out by fully qualified craftsman to the highest standards with full guarantees.

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Advanced Chimney Repairs Galway also supply and fit all types of solid fuel stoves. Stoves can be installed inside any existing fireplace or stoves can be installed as free standing. There are various styles and colours to give the look and feel you want to match your home, and your budget. Stoves must be installed by a HETAS approved installer to ensure the stove functions as it should and all gases are emmitted correctly.

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our chimney
repair services

Inspect - Clean - Reline - Repair - Rebuild

Our Chimney Repair Services begin with a professional chimney inspection. (If you have not had your chimney cleaned in recent years, we may need to clean it, in order to do our camera inspection).
We use a state-of-the-art cctv camera to inspect your entire chimney structure from the inside.

Then we go topside onto your roof and check the actual chimney stack itself and look for cracks, signs of decay, weathering or decay in the brick or block work.

We provide you with a full report of our inspection findings and offer the best and safest method to repair your chimney problems.

Most chimney problems can be repaired professionally and can take one to five days. It goes without saying, that if your chimney problem is more complicated, it will take longer. We cannot promise you silence as we work but we can promise you a professional repair and peace of mind.


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Chimney Inspection & Repairs Galway

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Book our Professional Chimney Inspection and receive a detailed report and an accurate diagnosis on the current state of your chimney from top to bottom.


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Chimney Repair is a very serious business. It is the difference between Peace of Mind and living inside a possible Fire Trap. Remember, it only gets worse over time. Clean and Inspect your chimney today.

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